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Eucalyptus Oil 1/3oz

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Originating in India, the Aadila's Eucalyptus Essential Oil has many uses and health benefits including antibacterial properties.  Known as a safe and reliable product, Eucalyptus has a refreshing aroma and a strong minty scent. 

Eucalyptus is not only used for aromatherapy purposes but is also used to treat a variety of symptoms.

*Can reduce symptoms related to cough, respiratory, cold, and nasal congestion.  Use for sore, tired joints and muscles.

*Avoid eye contact, and keep out of the sight or reach of children. If you are pregnant, contact your health care provider before using it.

Also Available: Frankincense

Handcrafted, Vegan Friendly Cruelty-Free and No Artificial Colors.


Ingredients marked with an asterisk are certified organic.

The information received by Aadila International/Aadila Holistic Goods, and Sunnah Scarves does not constitute prevention and/or treatment of any illness or medical condition. If you have a concern please see your physician.

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